Bruce joined GFRR towards the end of 2000, but he did not have band picks until the beginning of 2002.  The following is a pictured reference guide to Bruce's GFRR guitar picks to date.

Chicago Expo, November 24, 2001

Bruce enjoys his Grand Funk Railroad involvement immensely.  I'm happy for him, but selfishly, I really miss Union!

2002 - 2004


Rejected due to the busy logo


GFRR-BK1 - black on semi-transparent white




GFRR-BK1A- gold on black GFRR-BK1C- white on black GFRR-BK1E- white on tortoise
GFRR-BK1B- gold on white GFRR-BK1D- black on white GFRR-BK1F- blue on white



GFRR-BK2 - gold on black



GFRR-BK3 - black on semi-transparent white



2005 - 2006


GFRR-BK4 - black on yellow

GFRR-BK5 - black on orange

GFRR-BK6 - black on red

GFRR-BK7 - black on semi-transparent



2006 - 2008


GFRR-BK8 - white on transparent blue

GFRR-BK9 - white on red

GFRR-BK10 - white on dark purple

GFRR-BK11 - white on black


2008 - 2009




GFRR-BK12 - gold on black GFRR-BK15 - gold on purple
  GFRR-BK13 - gold on white GFRR-BK16 - gold on turquoise pearl
  GFRR-BK14 - gold on red GFRR-BK17 - gold on tortoise

2010 - 2012




GFRR-BK18 - silver on red GFRR-BK21 - silver on purple
  GFRR-BK19 - silver on transparent blue GFRR-BK22 - silver on turquoise pearl
  GFRR-BK20 - silver on black GFRR-BK23 - silver on tortoise





GFRR-BK24 - white on pearl grey GFRR-BK27 - white on pearl blue
  GFRR-BK25 - white on pearl red GFRR-BK28 - white on pearl purple
  GFRR-BK26 - black on white GFRR-BK29 - white on black

2012 - present


GFRR-DB1 - black on hickory - GRAND FUNK RAILROAD [over] Don Brewer signature


Note: D'Addario purchased ProMark in 2011. Around 2012 they started printing "BY D'ADDARIO" under the ProMark label. Printing the artwork on the handles means they either do not understand their endorser uses their stick tape or doesn't care. This is the artwork under the stick wrap.


2013 - 2014




GFRR-BK30 - white on pearl red
  GFRR-BK31 - black on pearl white
  GFRR-BK32 - white on pearl blue

2015 - 2016




GFRR-BK33 - gold on pearl red GFRR-BK36 - white on pearl grey
  GFRR-BK34 - black on white GFRR-BK37 - black on white
  GFRR-BK35 - gold on pearl blue GFRR-BK38 - white on pearl purple

2017 - 2018




GFRR-BK39 - silver on pearl red

GFRR-BK41 - silver on pearl blue

GFRR-BK40 - black on pearl white

GFRR-BK42 - black on white





GFRR-BK43 - multicolor on white
GFRR-BK44 - multicolor on white pearl





GFRR-BK45 - multicolor on white pearl
GFRR-BK46 - multicolor on white





GFRR-BK47 - multicolor on white pearl
GFRR-BK48 - multicolor on white
Notes: GFRR-BK47 is a re-print of GFRR-BK45, so essentially the same pick for all intensive purposes.  GFRR-BK48 had "TOUR 2020" removed.





GFRR-BK49 - multicolor on white pearl



2023 GFR tour picks



GFRR-BK50 - yellow on black

GFRR-BK52 - red & white on red pearl

GFRR-BK51 - yellow on black

GFRR-BK53 - red & white on white pearl
    GFRR-BK54 - red & white on blue pearl

Notes: Bruce changed his signature midway through the year.


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